The Allegations section of this site enables sensitive information to be submitted to Safe Place Services in a secure (encrypted) yet user-friendly manner.

The Unions across Australia and New Zealand, and their Conference-regions, support people coming forward with complaints and allegations of sexual abuse and assault (of children) and sexual misconduct and harassment (between adults) about Church Workers (employees or volunteers) within the Church and its environments. 

Allegations about sexual abuse and assault of children/young people should be reported to Police and notified to Safe Place Services.  Depending on the outcome of Police and Court processes, the Church may respond in ways that include a Risk Assessment or Investigation into certain allegations. 

Allegations about sexual misconduct or harassment by a Church Worker against an adult are processed by the relevant Conference or Employing/Appointing Church Authority within the organization.  Conferences or Employing/Appointing Authority are bound to follow established Church policy in their response to such situations.  Under provisions in the Union's "Creating A Safe Place Policy", a Conference has power to initiate a Conference-authorised investigation into such allegations.  Conferences who authorise an investigation may appoint Safe Place Services to oversee the investigation.   


Use the on-line forms as follows:

  • Submit a Complaint: A complaint is a formal allegation of sexual assault, abuse, misconduct or harassment by a Church worker in relation to a child or young person.
  • Report a Person of Interest: It is the Church's policy in Australia and New Zealand that when it becomes known that a person has a conviction of a sexual, pornographic or violent nature - in relation to a child or young person - that the applicant participate in a Risk Assessment as a condition of entering into a Safety Agreement. Use this form to inform Safe Place Services of a 'person of interest' who is believed to have a conviction.


For details on how information submitted using the on-line forms is kept secure and private, visit the link (above) 'Keeping your info Private'