Keeping your info Private


We keep information secure and private in the following three key ways:

  • Use of the latest encryption technology
  • Use of a dedicated, secure e-mail system to keep the communication of sensitive matters seperate from the Church's general IT system
  • Compliance check and audit of staff use of the secure systems and monitoring for unauthorised access


In addition:

  • No information is collected or stored by the SPS website.
  • The forms are sent from the SPS website, in their encrypted form, direct to SPS.
  • The physical separation between the Church's general IT service and the SPS forms and e-mail system effectively firewalls against unauthorised access by other users of the Church's general IT system. 
  • No system can offer a total guarantee of security, and neither does SPS.  However, some compare security protocols such as those followed by SPS as being safer than using fax or traditional post.  Online forms are therefore SPS's preferred manner of receiving sensitive information.
  • An advantage of submiting information online, besides the ability to do so 24/7, is that it provides a documented record that the information has been sent (which can be checked and verified).


See also the Privacy and Confidentiality links on this website for details on the Privacy and Security of information.