Safe Place Services (hereafter "SPS") operate within the Confidentiality statements as outlined in the "Creating A Safe Place Policy" (a copy of which is available in the Resource section of hereafter "this website"). 

Confidential information can be submitted to SPS on this site by complainants, witnesses or other persons through several channels such as the 'Contact SPS Now' icon; the Website Feedback page; the Volunteer Pledge; and the various pages within the Complaint section of this website.  Material received by SPS in this manner is afforded the same Confidentiality and status as hard-copy or written documents submitted to the service.  All information sent through the Complaint section of this website is done so using encryption to afford this information safe passage to SPS that one would expect of potentially highly sensitive information.  In addition, data sent through to SPS from this website is NOT stored by the site but is sent to a secure internal email address from which SPS retrieve it in a secure environment. 

In view of the fact that certain documents held by SPS may be requested by Courts, Police or legal professionals, including information submitted on-line via this website, no guarantee of absolute Confidentiality can be afforded. 

The SPS email newsletter, to which recipients subscribe, may utilize 'cookies' if/as outlines in the terms of subscribing. 

Otherwise this website does not store or retain any details of user information OR otherwise track visitors/users to the website.