Online Pledge for Staff and Volunteers

Sydney, Australia

Safe Place Services have launched a new online pledge for staff and volunteers working with children and young people across the Church in Australia and New Zealand.  The pledge ensures that staff and volunteers are aware of the Code of Conduct that is expected of all people who work in child-related roles or with young people.  The original online form, introduced in 2011, was developed in a climate of cost-saving and required a high level of manual administration.  Aided by changes in technology since then, the new form enables users to enter their signature by means of a touch/input device.  Users also receive an automated e-mail with a copy of their completed form which they can retain in html and pdf formats. 

Safe Place Services maintains a database of all persons who complete the form, so the form only needs to be completed once.  The old forms are maintained on the database as well.  This means that anyone who has completed the old form does not need to complete the new one. 

If a staff or volunteer changes their local Church, Conference, or works at another event or activity organized by the Union or Division, they are welcome to contact Safe Place Services to retrieve a copy of their form. 

To complete the new online form, click here 

Please note that the form will not submit via the Send botton, on the final page, until all items have been 'ticked' on the pledge.  If the Send botton does not appear to work, check that each section of the form has been fully completed before trying to submit. 


By Safe Place Services, 28 August 2014

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