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Church launches Safe Place materials in Spanish

The Adventist Church in Australia and New Zealand has launched a translation of local church 'Safe Place' materials in Spanish. The materials include a local church child-safe policy, a set of six information brochures, and all the forms and templates required to implement safe environments for children and young people in the local church.

The translation of the materials follows a decision by the Safe Place Service's Management Committee in February this year. David Robertson, director of Safe Place Services, says "A number of local churches wanted these materials in their own languages, and were beginning to do their own translations. We strongly encourage that, but at the same time it showed us that there was a need for these materials to be professionally translated."

Conference Safe Place Coordinators Sue Mercer and Suzanne Hadfield reported Spanish-speaking congregations in Victoria and Greater Sydney had embraced the local church 'safe place' materials. As a result Spanish was chosen as the first language to be completed.

Dallas O'Connor, associate director of Safe Places, says "Translating these materials into Spanish is just the first step. Both Australia and New Zealand are multi-cultural countries, so it makes sense to produce these materials in a range of languages. We aim to complete 2 or 3 translations each year." The next translations will be done in Mandarin and French.

The materials are available from the Safe Place Services website. Visit to download the materials by following the Resources link found on the homepage.


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