Victims of Crime

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  • Each State, Territory, and New Zealand provide a range of counselling, compensation and support schemes for victims of crime including sexual abuse and assault.
  • Many of these services are readily available to the general public without a need or requirement for a person to pursue criminal action (although a person might still consider such action in the future).
  • These services use staff with training and experience in supporting victims of abuse and assault, and workers possess qualifications relevant to their helping role (psychology, social work, psychiatry, medicine, law etc).


Seeking help from support services can be an important step towards:

  • Ending violence and abuse
  • Finding out about readily-available support and counselling
  • Obtaining safety
  • Exploring legal and criminal options for justice and for abusers to be held accountable
  • Gaining information on compensation and other schemes to help cover the costs of therapy or injury that stem from the impacts of the abuse or assault
  • Being empowered to make choices