South Australian Conference Local Church Policy

  • South Australian Conference local Church Policy - Safer Environments for Children and Vulnerable People Policy. Version 2015.06 WORD File size 94 KB. Applicable for use within the jurisdiction of South Australian legislation.
  • Compliance Statement - Template of the Compliance Statement required for all congregations to complete and submit. PDF File size 418 KB
  • Cover Letter to Boards - Letter to Boards outlining Key items to do in order to adopt and comply with the latest Policy. June 2015. WORD version. File size 18 KB
  • Compliance Steps - Steps for the Congregational Safe Place Leader/Committee to take. WORD version. File size 203 KB
  • Fact Sheet about Compliance Statements - Fact Sheet by DECD-Families SA about completing and submitting Compliance Statements in South Australia. PDF version. File size 301 KB
  • Fact Sheet on Screening - DCSI Fact Sheet on Screening Requirements regarding Relevant (e.g. criminal) History Assessment Checks for SA. PDF version. File size 198 KB