Website Terms and Use  

Safe Place Services (hereafter SPS) is services of the Seventh-day Adventist Church throughout Australia and New Zealand operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church (Australian Union Conference) Limited (hereafter SDAC [AUC] Ltd) of PO Box 650, Wahroonga, NSW 2076 Australia.  SPS reports to the SPS Management Committee is accountable to the SDA Church (AUC) Ltd Board of Directors and its administrative committees (and other relevant duly appointed committees or sub-committees) and is bound by their terms of reference. 

The Church logo is used on "www.safeplaceservice.org.au" (hereafter "this website") and in other resources and materials downloadable from this website in compliance with the guidelines for the use of the Church logo as determined by the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists (who own the trademark and other relevant rights of the logo and its use). 

This website operates in accord with the guidelines for Church entity websites as outlined by the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists (see www.adventist.org/beliefs/guidelines for the 'guidelines' statement on Church websites).

Resources and materials downloaded from this website are intended for and may be use by "the Church" throughout Australia and New Zealand.  By 'the Church' we mean the Unions and Conferences that cover Austrailan and New Zealand, and their incorporated and affiliated entities, companies, institutions, departments and services, and by their constituent local Churches, church plants and bodies of believers. 

Resource or materials on this website which contains material known as 'clip art' or 'pictures', are used under license by SPS on behalf of 'the Church'.  They must not, therefore, be used by any party outside of 'the Church' (either an individual, group or entity) without that party obtaining any necessary license.  All misuse/illegal use of clip art or pictures from this website is against the Terms of this website and is not condoned by SPS. 

SPS permits Conference-region customisation of the resources and materials available on this website and, under the oversite of SPS and/or the relevant Conference-region, customisation by local churches and by other departments and entities of the Church. 

Resources and materials from this website are intended for use within the Seventh-day Adventist Church only and, as such, should retain the Church logo and, where present, the logo of Safe Place Services. 

SPS permits the use of the SPS logo by Union and Conference-regions of the Church throughout Australia and New Zealand. 

Although many of the resources and materials on this website are copyright by SPS, SPS believe that these materials simply draw upon and reflect commonly-established principles of 'good practice' in the field of Church-safeguarding and childsafe environments.  Thus, SPS believes much of this material is beyond the exclusive intellectual property or copyright of any individual, group or entity.  SPS are willing for resources and materials from this website to be adapted for use by other faith-groups, social, sporting, recreational and community-based groups, so long as appropriate acknowledgement is given to SPS as a resource that has been utilized. 

Information submitted to SPS online via this website is done so in accord with the Privacy and Confidentiality Statements on this website, and in accord with any relevant instructions and statements on the subpages of this website and the Policies and procedures of SPS. 

The Disclaimer Statement forms part of the overall Terms of use of this website.