SPS Conference 2011

Welcome to material from the SPS Professional Development Conference, Newport May 2011!


In March 2011 Safe Place Services hosted the first National forum within the Adventist Church in Australia for administrators and key 'safe place' personnel. Over 100 delgates attended the forum.

Delegates particpated in a plenary session where resolutions were discussed and voted. These resolutions will guide the ongoing work of the Adventist Church in Australia and New Zealand through the Safe Place Services program. The resolutions aim to buid of the work of transforming Church culture from one of denial and minimization of abuse towards a future that is characterized by openness, healing and safety with an emphasis on prevention and ongoing support to victims and survivors of abuse.

Materials from the Forum to Download

Forum Program

Flier with Program Outline

Forum Openning Address

"Why Safe Places in the Adventist Church?" by Dr Bryan Craig (uploading soon)

Forum Workshops

Workshop Information Sheet & Synopsis

Handout, Workshop on Grooming, by Geoff Kelly (uploading soon)

Handout, Workshop on Challenges for Administrators in Responding to Complaint Situations, by Geoff Kelly

Patrick Parkinson

Keynote Presentation Article/Notes, Child Sexual Abuse, by Professor Patrick Parkinson

Keynote Presentation, Sustainable Child Protection in Churches, Powerpoint, by Patrick Parkinson

Article by Parkinson Oates & Jayakody (2009), Study of Reported Child Sexual Abuse in the Anglican Church in Australia

Hetty Johnston

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Movies (MPEG-4) Files

Patrick Parkinson, Keynote address: 'Sustainable Child Protection'

Six (6) movie clips from Patrick's talk cover the following topics: