Safe Ministry Training


Boundary Keeping for Clergy and Ministry Leaders


Safe Place Services run a 2-day workshop for all clergy and ministry leaders across Australia and New Zealand.  A 1-day refresher workshop is recommended every 3-5 years. 

People who serve as Pastors and Ministry Leaders hold positions of trust and responsibility in local congregational life.  It is easy for power and influence to be misused or abused, especially in situations where members and attendees come from a diversity of backgrounds with a wide range of needs and issues.  Maintaining appropriate limits and boundaries across the spectrum of social relationships is a challenge that is made harder by the variety of expectations and settings that leaders operate within. 

Boundary Keeping for Clergy explores many of the grey areas of church life that pastors and ministry leaders find themselves dealing with, including the use and role of social media.  The training emphaises that it is the responsibility of clergy and ministry leaders to take the initiative in setting healthy and appropriate boundaries and limits, coupled with the need to listen for feedback and be adaptable, where necessary, to individual differences and circumstances that arise. 

Self-care is an important component of fitness to serve, so that congregational relationships and intentional and purposeful rather than the role being 'used' in an unhealthy way to meet an 'unmet' need or deficit in the pastor or ministry leader.